Sunday, October 13th, 2019
Room: Madrid 8, Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China

PDF Program available here

7:00                  Registration, Speaker Check-in, and Poster Setup

8:00                  Welcome & Opening Remarks
Chairs: Cristian A. Linte, Elvis C. S. Chen & Xiongbiao Luo

8:15                  Long Oral Presentations: Medical Image Processing and Virtual Applications [VR APPS LO]
Chair: Elvis C. S. Chen, Western University, Canada

[VR APPS LO1] A Virtual Linear Measurement System for Accurate Quantification of Medical Images
Presenter: Gavin V. Wheeler

[VR APPS LO2] Deep segmentation leverages geometric pose estimation in computer-aided Total Knee Arthroplasty
Presenter: Pedro Rodrigues

[VR APPS LO3] Development and Face Validation of Ultrasound-Guided Renal Biopsy Virtual Trainer
Presenter: Andinet Enquobahrie

9:00                  Short Oral Presentations: Medical Image Processing and Virtual Applications [VR APPS SO]  
Chair: Cristian A. Linte, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States

[VR APPS SO 1] Non-invasive reconstruction of dynamic myocardial transmembrane potential with graph based total variation constraints
Presenter: Shuting Xie

[VR APPS SO 2] Upper Gastrointestinal Anatomy Detection with Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Networks
Presenter: Jiquan Liu

[VR APPS SO 3] Morphological active contour without edge-based model for real-time and nonrigid uterine fibroid tracking in HIFU treatment
Presenter: Guochen Ning

[VR APPS SO 4] Probability Analysis of Axillary Lymph Node Metastasis in Breast Cancer Patients using Particle Space-time Distribution Model
Presenter: Fang Chen

[VR APPS SO 5] Determining blood flow direction from short neurovascular surgical microscope videos
Presenter: Reid Vassallo

[VR APPS SO 6] Automatic detection of calcium phosphate deposit plugs at the terminal ends of kidney tubules
Presenter: David R. Holmes III

9:30                  Coffee Break & Poster Viewing 
(30 minutes)

10:00                 Long Oral Presentations: Video-based Interventions and Surgival Instrument Detection [VIDEO LO]
Chair: Elvis Chen, Western University, Canada & Xiongbiao Luo, Xi’an Medical University, China

[VIDEO LO1] Details Preserved Unsupervised Depth Estimation by Fusing Traditional Stereo Knowledge from Laparoscopic Images
Presenter: Fucang Jia

[VIDEO LO2] Learning the Representation of Instrument Images in Laparoscopy Videos
Presenter: Sabrina Kletz

[VIDEO LO3] Learning colon centerline from optical colonoscopy, a new way to generate a map of the internal colon surface
Presenter: Mohammad Ali Armin

[VIDEO LO4] Realistic Endoscopic Image Generation Method Using Virtual-to-real Image-domain Translation
Presenter: Masahiro Oda

[VIDEO LO5] A Marker-less Real Time Intra-Operative Camera and Hand-Eye Calibration Procedure for Surgical Augmented Reality
Presenter: Megha Kalia

[VIDEO LO6] Endoscopic Video Defogging Using Luminance Blending
Presenter: Xiongbiao Luo

11:30                 Short Oral Presentations: Video-based Interventions and Surgival Instrument Detection [VIDEO SO]
Chair: David R. Holmes III, Mayo Clinic, United States

[VIDEO SO 1] Real-time Surgical Instrument Detection in Robot-Assisted Surgery using a Convolutional Neural Network Cascade
Presenter: Zijian Zhao

[VIDEO SO 2] Weakly Supervised Segmentation for Real-time Surgical Tool Tracking
Presenter: Eung-Joo Lee

[VIDEO SO 3] Simultaneous shape and camera-projector parameter estimation for 3D endoscopic system using CNN-based grid-oneshot scan
Presenter: Ryo Furukawa

[VIDEO SO 4] Stable Polyp-Scene Classification via Subsampling and Residual Learning from Imbalanced Large Dataset
Presenter: Hayato Itoh

[VIDEO SO 5] Real-time Surgical Instrument Tracking in Robot-Assisted Surgery Using Multi-Domain CNN
Presenter: Liang Qiu

[VIDEO SO 6] A deep learning approach for automatic out-of-plane needle localization for semi-automatic ultrasound probe calibration
Presenter: Leah Groves

12:00                 Lunch & Poster Viewing (120 minutes)

14:00                 Keynote Lecture
Chair: Cristian A. Linte, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States

Title: Artificial Intelligence for Endoscopic Procedures
Prof. Kensaku Mori, PhD
Nagoya University, Japan

14:45                 Long Oral Presentations: AR for Interventional Planning and Guidance [AR P/G LO]
Chair: Caroline Essert, INRIA Strasbourg, France

[AR P/G LO1] Towards AR-assisted Visualization and Guidance for Imaging of Dental Decay
Presenter: Yaxuan Zhou

[AR P/G LO2] HoloInjection: Augmented Reality Support for CT-guided spinal Needle Injections
Presenter: Florian Heinrich

[AR P/G LO3] An Augmented Reality Mastectomy Surgical Planning Prototype using the HoloLens
Presenter: Sara M.S. Amini

15:30                 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing (30 minutes)

18:30                 Awards Presentation & Closing Remarks

Chairs: Cristian A. Linte, Elvis Chen, Xiongbiao Luo & Hongen Liao

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