*Tentative schedule, subject to change*

8:00     Registration, Speaker Check-in, and Poster Setup

9:30     Welcome & Opening Remarks

Chair: Cristian A. Linte & Marta Kersten & Hassan Rivaz

9:40 Oral Session I: Planning and Visualization in Image-Guided Neurosurgery

Chair: Sandrine de Ribaupierre, Western University

  1. Gesture-based registration correction using a mobile augmented reality image-guided neurosurgery system
  2. Augmented reality guidance in cerebral vascular surgery using microscopic video enhancement
  3. Experience-based SEEG planning: from retrospective data to automated electrode trajectories suggestions

10:40     Short Oral Session I

Chair: Ingerid Reinertsen, SINTEF

  1. Comparison of interactive and automatic segmentation of SEEG electrodes on CT postoperative images: preliminary results
  2. Extending Microsoft’s HoloLens with Optical Tracking for Neuronavigation
  3. A Multiuser Virtual Reality Environment for Visualizing Neuroimaging Data
  4. Virtual Interaction and Visualisation of 3D Medical Imaging Data with VTK and Unity

11:00     Coffee Break (30 MINUTES)

11:30     Keynote: Klaus Engel

Chair: Hassan Rivaz, Concordia University

Title: Cinematic Rendering – Medical Imaging Goes to the Movies
Dr. Klaus Engel
Principal Key Expert for visualization at Siemens Healthineers, Strategy and Innovation.

Abstract & Speaker Bio

12:30     Oral Session II: HMD-based AR

Chair: Caroline Essert, University of Strasbourg

  1. Endodontic Guided Treatment Using Augmented Reality on a Head-Mounted Display System
  2. ARssist: Augmented Reality on a Head-Mounted Display for the First Assistant in Robotic Surgery

13:10     Short Oral Session II

Chair: Roy Eagleson, Western University

  1. BronchoX: Bronchoscopy Exploration Software for Biopsy Intervention Planning
  2. Augmented Reality-based Feedback for Technician-in-the-loop C-arm Repositioning
  3. Augmented reality in computer assisted interventions based on patient-specific 3D printed reference
  4. Endoscopic Image Enhancement with Noise Suppression


15:00     Keynote: Terry Peters

Chair: Cristian A. Linte, Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: AR/VR/MR in Medicine – Past, Present, and Future
Dr. Terry Peters
Imaging Research Laboratories
Robarts Research Institute

Abstract & Speaker Bio


16:30    Coffee Break (30 MINUTES) / POSTER SESSION

17:00 Oral Session III: Advanced Intra-operative Guidance and Monitoring

Chair: David R. Holmes III, Mayo Clinic

  1. Concepts for Augmented Reality Visualization to support Needle Guidance inside a 3T MRI Scanner
  2. Augmented reality visualization for orthopedic surgical guidance with pre- and intra-operative multimodal image data fusion
  3. Fast and accurate vision-based stereo reconstruction and motion estimation for image-guided liver surgery

18:00 Awards & Closing Remarks

Chairs: Marta Kersten, Cristian A. Linte, Ingerid Reinersten, Hassan Rivaz